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These All Are Birth Pains

Posted on August 3, 2010 at 4:18 AM

When we are hearing all the bad news about our surroundings, what we feels!!


Bomb explosions, Terrorist attacks, wars, rumors of wars, earth quake, tsunami, epidemics’ poverty, famine and other natural disasters to our neighbors, what are our feelings?


This will happen! It is written in the bible. It will increase day by day! These all are the pre-signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ!!!!


If some of our nearest kiths and kin are perished in any of such events, what is our response?

O’ Lord Keep us, console us! And for some days we will stand up for praying. Why do we have two feelings? One is escapism, and other is burden to pray!


Jesus Christ not called any body to his believers. He don’t want any believers, he want only disciples!!! Who witness in this world. To witness means to lay down his life.

As a disciple, whether we can have two feelings about our relatives and others!!

If any of these evens happened in this world, it may wipe out thousands and thousands of people those who do not know right from wrong. Jonah 4:11


As a disciple where is our role of interceding for our nations? Or we are giving shock to our beloved savior (Isaiah 59.16) He sees there is no advocate; he is shocked that no one intervenes.


Why we do not have burden about others, even though Holly Sprit grieve inside us, maximum we will pray for our nearest relatives then go to next layer, and if it is over we will wrap it up our prayer circle, but still Holly Sprit is grieving inside us, and burden is still in us!!


The Concept of nuclear family is making us more and more selfish.

Let us turn our attention to the book of Genesis 18: 16-33, it gives a very good account of pleading for Sodom.

“The two men turned and headed toward Sodom, but Abraham was still standing before the Lord”.

The Angle of God wants to go to Sodom to destroy the immoral city. But Abraham was standing still before God; he blocked the way of God. He interceded


“Will you sweep away the godly along with the wicked? What if there are fifty godly people in the city” Since I have undertaken to speak to the Lord (although I am but dust and ashes) 18:28 what if there are five less than the fifty godly people? Will you destroy the whole city because five are lacking?”


“May the Lord not be angry so that I may speak! What if thirty are found there?”

“Since I have undertaken to speak to the Lord, what if only twenty are found there?”

“May the Lord not be angry so that I may speak just once more? What if ten are found there?” Let us think how Abraham interceded before God, it resulted the saving of Lot and his family.

And let us see another narrative in the book of Exodus 32: 7-14.


“I have seen this people. Look what a stiff-necked people they are! So now, leave me alone so that my anger can burn against them and I can destroy them, and I will make from you a great nation.”

What a marvelous promise!!!!!!

If we would be there, we will tell the God “God if it is thy will…..”

But Moses consoles him He interceded before him. God asked him “Leave me alone I will destroy the stiff –necked people” ‘The Sovereign God asked the permission of a simple human being. God will not do anything without asking to the interceding child!!!!


Moses interceded ‘so the great nation is still alive.

Where we stand?!

Whether we are shocking our bellowed savior, or standing with God even though we are claiming ‘I am the disciple of Christ.’ Whether we are analyzing ‘we exist in the word of God every movement of our life’!! Still we are saying the same escapism ‘these all are the birth pain of the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is true!!!

“It will not cease, it will increase only, what we will do?” these reveals Jesus Christ is going to come near. It is true!!! Sodom and Gomorrah was totally going to destroy!!! But Abraham stand before God ‘it saved Lot and his Family’

God was going to destroy all the Israelites!!! (God can raise up children for Abraham from these stones) But Moses stand before the God, Still that nation is alive!!!

All these are true, but we are shocking our Lord.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

We are the disciple of Jesus Christ. The kingdom is among us. The kingdom is among us only if we are the part of the kingdom of God; of course, the disciple of Jesus Christ is a member of heavenly kingdom.

So the kingdom of God is not so much a place as a state of mind- but a state of full and voluntarily submission to the will of our good King. Jesus Christ could say that the kingdom of God was present in him because he perfectly, fully and voluntarily submitted to the will of his heavenly Father.

The barometer of his disciple is ‘the teacher’ to grow up to the head of Christ. Jesus Christ prayed all his critical movement of his life to fulfill the will of his Father. As a disciple we are the member of the heavenly kingdom, we remain in the naked and stiff-necked world to intercede for the day of destruction.

We can test, whether we are the part of heavenly kingdom


1. When we are hearing the war, rumors of war, natural calamities etc, and when people of the world are perishing by any of the disasters, the burden (rather than saying the escapism ‘ it is the pre sign of second coming of Jesus) is in us to intercede for the people, we are the part of our heavenly kingdom

2. When the Holly Sprit is grieving in us to break the private circle of prayer to extend to the alien to the kingdom of God, than to show sympathy and pity towards the perishing people, we are the part of our heavenly kingdom.

3. When we are free, what we are praying about our kingdom lies there.

The third test is very easy, there we understand easily we are selfish or not!!

We are perishing in our selfishness!!!!!

The domestic churches are becoming thin, lien and pail day by day!!!

In the day of the second coming of our Jesus Christ to collect his saints, he should see his body have all the diseases of lack of nutrition. Whether our inner man is strong in the day of calamities, we are the part of heavenly kingdom!!!!

So day by day we are perishing in our selfishness “Don’t imagine that because you are part of the king’s household you will be the one Jew who will escape. If you keep quiet at this time, liberation and protection for the Jews will appear from another source, while you and your father’s household perish.” (Esther 4:14) So we are for this day!

Shall we pray!

“Unless the Lord does not build a house, then those who build it work in vain. Unless the Lord does not guard a city, then the watchman stands guard in vain.”

For the twenty four hours in a day, shall we devote our ten minutes to intercede for our country?

Our head will appear in the big posters or cut outers!!!! But in crusade even lakhs of people may save, when you are doing the crusade!!!!!!

But when we kneel down any of the corner of our home no one will come to know!! Our head will not appear in the big posters or cut outers!!!!.

But on the day of distributing reward ‘Lord will give these lakhs of ‘Living- Crown’ to you, only because your prayer is answered not to the crusader.

Because God is not unrighteous!!!!

“I looked for a man from among them who would repair the wall and stand in the gap before me on behalf of the land, so that I would not destroy it, but I found no one. So I have poured my anger on them, and destroyed them with the fire of my fury. I hereby repay them for what they have done, declares the sovereign Lord.” Ezekiel (22:30-31)

Jesus will come soon!!!

Whether he will find anybody who repairs the wall and stand in the gap before him on behalf of our land.

Let us pray, Take the burden, ask god to give us burden to intercede!!!!

Spare our 10 minutes in our daily life!!!!!


Can us a good disciple of Christ and a member of our heavenly kingdom!!!!

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