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  1. What is our membership process?

    Our Membership process is three steps. Membership given to malayalee only.   Step 1. Malayalee Verification form.    Step 2. Signup Form.    Step 3. Review & Approval from Web Team . Both forms must be completed before you get final approval.

  2. Why some of the membership request is denied?

    New members need to go through other verification process to make sure you are a malayalee to prevent scam emails. This site now only give membership to malayalee only. Sorry for the inconvenience. Depend on your email setting, please check your spam or junk mail folder for membership validation link send by Malayalee Christian to activate your account.

  3. What is the difference between a member and limited member?

    Limited members can view all the pages in this site but only members can post articles on this site.

  4. How can I change my status from limited member to member ?

    Just add your photo to your member profile and we will change your status to a member. for some reason, If we don't update your status  in 48 hours please sent a reminder message to . Don't forget to add your member name with message.

  5. How do I report a spam email I received through Members area?

    We give top priority for your internet safety. Recently we received a spam email, asking to contact them on their email. Please do not give out your email address to anyone, unless you know them. If you want to contact a member, you can sent a private message through members area on our site, so your email will private. Remember Malayalee Christian will never ask you for any personal information such as your address or financial information. If you receive a private message that look suspicious, please forward a copy of that mail to , so we can remove their membership.

  6. Cancelled and denied memberships

    Here is the list of membership cancelled by webmaster. Click here.

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  1. How can I download audio sermons and songs ?

    You can download selected audio sermons and songs at Premium area under File download and at Podcast ( only members can access these pages).

  2. Can I add videos to this site?

    Yes, if you are a moderator.  To become moderator, please send an email to with your complete detail of your christian faith. We only allow full gospel messages on this site. If you have a video on other video hosting site like youtube , vimeo, google, etc., then you can embedd the video code on this site. Also you can upload video directly to this video page. No copyrighted videos allowed.

  3. Can I add my Christian article on this site ?

    Yes you can. If you are a member, then you can add your christian article under Christian Devotions. If you have a malayalam article, we recommend you to convert it to image file using paint aplication on your computer or email your article to . The width size of the image no more than 660 pixel.

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