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         By visting this page you are also our prayer partner. Let us pray together for these requests. Once you pray for a request, please click on the    button for encouragement. If your prayer request is answered, please add your testimony so we can praise God.

        You may request a prayer on this page. All requests will be posted after the review.


Peace in the family

over a year ago by cynthia Pray for me
1) Pray for my daughter who is studying her bcom. Very often she lies with me. I think she smokes also. But I am net very sure. Please pray for her to stop all the bad habits and to make good friends. 2) Pray for my husband who is working in Africa. But he is not so happy in that country. Pray from him to get job in any one of the Middle East countries. 3) Pray for my mother who is ailing from heart disease. Pray for her to get good heath to do her work , peace and happiness 4) Pray for my sister who is facing lots of financial problems. Pray for to get good buyers for her house so that her financial problems will be solved Thanks Praise the Lord

speech delay and development delay and eczema

over a year ago by Sukanya vinod Pray for me
Praise the Lord Pastor, I'm from a hindu family and I've twin boys and one of my son is having development and speech delay,also has eczema and scratches all over the body.I'm in US and please pray for my family and my husband to have peace in his work place.I also want to get healed from my hypothyroid issues and I've a keloid very big scar on my chest and it itches every now and then.I'm waiting for the Lord's hand on me and my family.I want to know the Lord more and receive his blessings and get closer to God. Thank you.

for my exam

over a year ago by aby gail Pray for me
coming fridy and wednesday i am having my supply exam pls pray for me

Plz pray for my job.

over a year ago by Prasad Pray for me
Dear all, plz pray to get a good new job, and for my family too.

to get a permanent job

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
I had a job which i lost almost an year ago, now i lost confidence and struggling to go for the casual job or to find a permanent job. Please pray for me and my family.

God's guidance

over a year ago by Eliyadurai Pray for me
Dear in Christ, Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Eliyadurai, received Jesus Christ when I was seventeen years old. God has called me to do His ministry. In 1993 I have committed my life for His ministry. I got married to Dayamani, who also committed for full time ministry. We have two children as Jacques and Chris. They are 14 years old. God used us to do His ministry among the college students in different parts of India last 20 years. We have completed theological studies.Pray for God's guidance in our ministry


over a year ago by shyni Pray for me
dear harvest tv prayer team, my name is shyni i been looking for a full time job since march 2016 tomorrow i have a job interview please pray for me thank you this is for my mom who got disk problems its been 4,5 yrs she is suffering with back pain .now she got elbow pain she can't lift her right arm to do her personal things please pray for her May god bless harvest tv thank you shyni.

Prayer for revival

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
I have been into full time ministry in Norh India since 1983, now serving the cause of Christ in Gujarat, requesting prayer that God may use us mightily to penetrate into the strongholds and strategical points of this state, for God to provide all resources. Many souls to be won

pass ielts

over a year ago by ponus Pray for me
Lord help me to pass my IELTS exam done on march 19 ,more than 6 times took the exam. Lord please pass the exam .Kindly All saints pray for me


over a year ago by PR. DR. SOLAMON AUGUSTIN Pray for me
Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, We have started a new ministry at KALADY near cochin. pray for our ministry to grow in Christ so that many souls could be saved and come to the church.
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