Malayalee Christian


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Quotes First of all I thanked to my beloved father and my saviour Jesus Christ for her great love and care towards me. My name is Jith from a rural area of Kerala State , India. Basically born in a Hindu family and all of my relatives are belongs to Hindu community but some of my neighbors are believers they also pray for our family from very beginning . In 2006 god help us to know the true love of my beloved father Jesus Christ . After finding the way salvation our face many problems especially from relatives , public etc but we stand for God.. Bible says that.. ? But who ever takes the water I give him will never be in need of drink again; for the water I give him will became in him a fountain of external life ? John 4-14 After that In all words we struggle a lot In all the terms financially , physical... but at that time the words of my beloved father powered as .. ? Who will come between us and the love of christ ? Will trouble,or pain or cruel acts or the Quotes
Finding true love n my god Jesus Christ

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